Environment Division

Objective of the Division
Environment Division looks after the overall sanitation of the town with collection and disposal of the municipal waste from the residential, commercial and other institutions at the sanitary landfill at Toribari 8km from the main town in environmentally sound manner. Besides this, Environment Division looks after the matters related to disasters and issuance of the environmental clearance and compliance monitoring of the environmental terms and conditions.
Environment Division is headed by the head of Division with an Environment Officer and Solid Waste Section In charge heading the only section “Solid Waste Section” with sanitary inspectors, hawker controller and sweepers under his supervision.
Function of Solid Waste Section
  1. Timely Collection and Disposals of municipal waste
  2. Collection of the animal carcasses and unclaimed dead bodies
  3. Create general awareness on the sanitation and principle of 3Rs
  4. Conduct Cleaning Campaigns
  5. Attend the complaints regarding the sanitation issue.