Notification Period:
15 March 2023
15 April 2023

The issue of urban cleanliness has moved to the forefront of many agencies priority, but the efforts put forth were always in vain. From sensitization to monitoring and enforcement were put in place by Thromde to maintain health & hygiene around their premises. To mark the significance of Zero Hour, commercial entities were appealed to close their business for an hour, but there are always few sections who believe that waste management is the sole responsibility of Thromde.

With such mindset and support from the general public, Thromde alone won't be able to maintain and uphold the expectation of the general public to have an enabling environment. 

Therefore, Thromde as the custodian of the urban environment would like to plead the residents to shoulder responsibilities to clean front/backyard of their building premises, drain, grass cutting and road shoulders irrespective of the plot/property ownership (Government of private). 

As the real time service provider, we do admit that delivering services to over 30000 residents is a challenge and at times fail to reach within the stipulated time. Nevertheless, Thromde along with the designated firms are working round the clock to address the prominent issues at all levels. We have installed CCTVs at strategic locations as one of our initiatives to curb illegal dumping at prohibited areas. We will be closely monitoring the CCTV footages and the defaulters shall be penalised as per the "Waste Prevention and Management Regulation 2016", or even go to the extent of "Naming & Shaming" the footages in Social Medias. 

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