Land/Buildings under Transactions

Pursuant to section 161 of the Land Act of Bhutan 2007 and section 96 of the Land Rules and Regulations of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2007,following transactions of the land/buildings falling within the Phuentsholing Thromde area are under transaction as detailed below.


TID no. Thram No. Plot no. Location Transferor Transferee Area or bldg./Flat to be transacted Period for Public View
Pling Thromde/LT/2018/23180175 688 PGT-374 Allay Nedup Zangmo Kinzang Namgyel 10454sq.ft 05/12/2018 to 04/01/2019
Pling Thromde/LT/2018/23180225 941 PGT-1457 Pekarzhing Lap Chador Phuntsho Deki 8668sq.ft 06/12/2018 to 05/01/2019
Pling Thromde/LT/2018/23180224 655 PGT-2788 Amochu Lap Kelzang Norbu Kipchu Tshering 13068sq.ft 04/12/2018 to 04/01/2019
Pling Thromde/LT/2018/23180208 07 PGT-249 Allay Chandra Maya Ghalley Dorji Wangchuk 54450sq.ft 04/12/2018 to 04/01/2019
Pling Thromde/LT/2018/23180222 1530 PGT-1191 Pasakha Yeshi Pelzang Jigme 5663sq.ft 04/12.2018 to 04/01/2019
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23180219 148 PGT-918 Rinchending LAP Sonam Choden Tashi Yangzom & Dawa Penjor Flat No. 1,4,5,6,7,8 & 9 27/11/18 to 27/12/18
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23180220 332 PGT-402 Rinchending LAP Aita Singh Tamang Kinley & Tshering Wangmol 5554sq.ft 28/11/18 to 28/12/18
Pling Thromde/LT/2018/2318199 1493 PGT-1107 Rinchending(Alley) Minjur Kuenzang Choden 8712sq.ft 02/11/18 to 02/12/18
Pling Thromde/LT/2018/23180218 1533 PGT-1193 Core Kuenzang Jamstho GTenzing Druk Ferro Alloys Limited Flat no.1,2 & 3 27/11/18to 27/12/18
Pling Thromde/LT/2018/23180217 886 PGT-1548 Pekarzhing Tashi Choden Choni Wangmo 3963 sq.ft 23/11/18 to 23/12/18
Pling Thromde/LT/2018/23180214 31 PGT-1019 Damdara Suk Br. Rai Thinley Dorji 5663 sq.ft 19/11/18 to 19/12/18
Pling Thromde/LT/2018/23180213 604 PGT-230 Amochhu Phuntsho Wangdi Dendup Chojur 6534 sq.ft. 19/11/18 to 19/12/18
Pling Thromde/LT/2018/23180150 38 PGT-1234&PGT-3050 Khareyphu Gagan M.Pradhan & Bhupen M.Pradhan Sonam Choden 18545 & 10137 sq.ft 19/11/18 to 19/12/18
PlingThromde/LT/2018/23180209 1404 PGT-956 Kabreytar LAP Suk Maya Limbu Ugyen Namgay 5662.8sq.ft



PlingThromde/LT/2018/23180204 362 PGT-166 Kabraytar LAP Thinley Wangchuk Sita Devi Mahanta 4983 sq.ft

12/11/18 to


PlingThromde/LT/2017/23180205 1775 PGT-1650



Yeshey Lhamo Tashi Lhamo 3964sq.ft 08/11/18 to 08/12/18

TID#:Transaction ID number assigned by the phuntsholing land section.Any appeal/complain/objection by anybody who is affected by the above transactions must be made in writing within the above cited stipulated date without fail.