Thromde infrastructure services are designed to meet the needs of the community and to function efficiently ever since its establishment. To meet the challenge, this technical group combines computer aided designs with sound engineering principals to economically deliver all aspects of project design, from cost estimates to final construction drawings and specifications. The Design, estimation and implementation process maintains the quality infrastructures and per the standards of ISO 9001-2015 for quality assurance. 

As its title states, the Infrastructure Division is responsible for the maintenance of all aspects of the roadway system within the City, water supply, street lightings and construction of public buildings and education institutes as per the guiding policies and standards and in line with the Royal Government of Bhutan approved five-year plans. 

Following are the four sections and their responsibilities under the division.

(1) The road and bridge section are responsible for urban road construction and maintenance. These responsibilities include

  • construction of new road,
  • sidewalk/footpath and repairs, 
  • road repairs, 
  • curb repairs, 
  • pothole repairs, 
  • marking and maintenance of parking lots,
  • street flushing, 
  • street sweeping program,
  • culvert & bridge construction,
  • utility ducts, 
  • storm water drainage, 
  • traffic signs, and 
  • river training & flood mitigation works.

(2) The water supply section is responsible for the construction, maintenance and augmentation of all the water supply works and treatment plants. The responsibilities include

  • new water line connection including main line, trunk line and distribution lines, 
  • water line shifting, 
  • main line shifting,
  • water line reconnection and disconnection, 
  • upgradation and downsizing of water lines, 
  • water meter installation, replacement and shifting, 
  • water quality testing, 
  • fire hydrant installation 
  • construction of water treatment plants and
  • Water tanker services 

(3)The Electrical section is responsible for the construction, installation and operation & maintenance of all the street lightings and other electrical works within the thromde jurisdiction.

(4)The building section is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the following public buildings.

  • New school construction 
  • Renovation of schools and staff quarters
  • Construction of Integrated vegetable markets and Multi-level car parking
  • Construction of bus bays and electric charging stations.
  • Construction of community hall 
  • Construction of ECCD centers.
  • Construction and remodeling of public parks.

These standards of all the above works are based on considerable technical background, design approaches and experience in maintenance of urban infrastructure.