• Construction of heavy duty-Reinforced Cement Concrete Wall (RCC walls) at the Underpass area, at a depth of 8 mtr. plus below the ground surface was big challenge with continuous seepage of ground water.
  • Challenge to obtain road corridor of 18 mtr. Right of Way, particularly at the GREF area and other locations-could resolve the matter amicably, through constant dialogue and cordial consultations.
  • Resistance from some section of property owners at the vicinity of the road corridor, fearing that their property are going to be affected, however, convinced the property owners through constant dialogue and discussions explaining them the benefits and opportunities that the project would bring to them once completed.
  • Big challenge in shifting the makeshifts Weekly Vegetable Market from erstwhile location, i.e. (near RSTA Premise, where it was falling into the road corridor) to the present-day Integrated Vegetable Market, (IVM) – shifting of vegetable market was done on timely manner to IVM, having modern day facilities, without affecting the livelihood of the vendors and their businesses.
  • Construction process was immensely challenged due to presence of underground utility cables such as Bhutan Power and Bhutan Telecom Cables- would have cost millions of ngultrum to the project for their shifting, if otherwise, project was to compensate them, however, such tasks could be negotiated through discussions and dialogue with the concern organizations to shift/align the UG cables at bare minimum cost. Thromde’s underground water supplies lines and Sewerage lines did pose corresponding challenges.
  • While implementing and managing this project it is learnt and experienced that, in future, while handling such projects, EA/IA should institute a sound, in-house, technical team, comprising experienced and qualified national experts (if required on hiring basis) to manage the project, though the carrying out of investigation works related to the project, preparation of detailed design, drawings, cost estimates, etc. (DPR), if the project is of complex nature should be outsourced with JV partners of International experts.


  • NBR-I terminates in front of Crocodile Farm and thereafter NBR Package II starts. Progress on package II is at advanced stage. Its completion will be updated at later date. 

Write up by: D C Dhimal, Project Co-ordinator, Pling Thromde.