Diversion of Heavy Traffic from Kabray to Khareyphu under Phuentsholing Thromde

Notification Period:
10 October 2019
10 December 2019

In order to expedite the construction of bridge and the Reinforced Earth Wall(RE Walls) on the Left Bank Side of Omchu, next to RBA bend, of the ongoing Northern Bypass Road under SASEC Project, the traffic going from Archery Range towards Khareyphu and Lower Terrace of Kabray(terrace below Ashi’s location) will be blocked till the completion of construction activities of the project.

In this regard all the Heavy Vechicles going to Khareyphu and Lower Terrace of Kabray has to follow the existing Kabray road and take straight road from below late Dasho Prithiman Ghalley’s  building to the Bailey Bridge located just below Old Slaughter Area (present day Thromde Nursery). From this point, vehicles going to Khareyphu  can cross over bailey bridge and continue from the existing road on Left Bank Side of Omchu and Heavy Vehicles going to Lower Most Terrace of Kabray should continue through the existing road on right bank of Omchu before crossing the Bailey Bridge. These roads/routes are constructed by Thromde, mainly to channelize the movements of heavy vehicles from the residential areas, where the existing roads are marginally narrow and the gradients are substantially steeps, thereby risking the accidents .This route is not new to both heavy and light vehicle users, as they have been using it, but, now the heavy vehicles must use the specified roads, only.

Therefore diversion of “All Heavy Traffics” should be effective from 09/10/2019, through above mentioned routes.

NBR-II Traffic Diversion