Notification Period:
22 November 2022
22 December 2022

The Phuentsholing Thromde would like to notify all the residents that the Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture & Forest in partnership with De-suung office and with supports from stakeholder will be rolling out the final phase (combing) of nationwide free roaming dog sterilization campaign to neuter and vaccinate 100% of the free roaming dogs in Thromde areas, Phuentsholing.

 The general public (resident/private companies/Govt. agencies/housing colony) and key stakeholders are requested to provide support when livestock officials and De-suup visit your residential area to catch free roaming dogs from 24th November 2022. The sterilized and vaccinated dogs are identified by notched ear, hence requested residents to provide information (picture/videos/place) of any un-notch (ear not notched) free roaming dogs (unsterilized) to following numbers/team (Whataspp)-17550821(Pekarzhing), 17569994(Phuentsholing Toed), 17684381 (Neydra), 17824856(Rinchending), 77262121(Phuentsholing Maed) and veterinary official Phuentsholing whatsapp number (17461070/17680596).

 The Thromde would like to solicit residents/Govt./private agencies/ABI) support to achieve 100% dog sterilization and anti-rabies vaccination in Phuentsholing Throm.

  “Lets us all join hands to make Bhutan free from “Rabies” and safe community to live”



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