Notification Period:
13 July 2023
31 July 2023

This urgent notification serves to inform and alert the general public of Phuentsholing Thromde about the critical situation caused by the heavy rainfall affecting the Omchu (Doti) River. As a result of this incessant downpour, the river's water levels have risen significantly, leading to severe erosion of its banks. This alarming development poses a substantial threat to the safety and stability of the Multi-Level Car Parking facility and the surrounding areas.

In light of the potential risks involved, we earnestly request all vehicle owners who have parked their cars within the Multi-Level Car Parking facility to immediately evacuate their vehicles and relocate them to a safer area. It is of utmost importance to prioritize the protection of life and property during this emergency situation. We strongly advise all vehicle owners to take swift action and cooperate with the authorities to ensure the well-being of themselves and their valuable possessions.

Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that the danger extends beyond the confines of the Multi-Level Car Parking facility. Residents residing along the river bank are urged to exercise extra caution and remain extra vigilant as the Omchu River continues to swell due to the persistent heavy rainfall. This ongoing rise in water levels increases the likelihood of further erosion, potential landslides, and subsequent damage to properties situated in close proximity to the river.


      Phuentsholing Thromde